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Most of our latest clients and work.

GodEl, electricity for good.

GodEl is a Swedish electrical company that besides being environmentally friendly has a very unique ambition, GodEl donates all it’s proceeds to charity.

We worked together with GodEl to re-imagine their visual identity to a match the company’s uniqueness and ambitions. We created their new logo based on the original made by Swedish artist Lasse Åberg. The new identity and visual concept is updated to be better suited for digital use and a platform that the company can grow with.

Read more here.

Fitness Collection,
65 places, 1 membership.

Fitness Collection lets their members choose between more than65 of the best fitness studios with a single membership. It’s all digital and is perfect for those who likes to vary their workout routine.

Most has worked together with Fitness Collection to create a messaging / visual concept for outdoors campaigns, as well as layouts for printed and digital outlets.

Download it!

Tibber, smarter energy.

Tibber is a Scandinavian energy service that lets people consume and purchase electricity smarter. Control your home and up your efficiency with their app, and buy energy at competitive prices directly from a sustainable supplier.

Most is working with Tibber to create content for and optimise the user acquisition process through social media.

Go on, download it here.

Soon, remember your future.

Soon is your everyday bucket list, the best way to keep track of all the things you want to do. "As with seemingly everything since the introduction of the iPhone, however, there’s an app for the bucket list. It’s called Soon, and it’s wonderful." - the Washington Post. The first version was launched 2015 on iOS, Most has developed the concept, design, and marketing together with Beginner.

Go download it here.

Lendify, connecting Swedish borrowers and investors.

Lendify is one of Swedens most interesting fin-tech startups, they offer the first real P2P lending platform in Sweden. The Company operates a marketplace online credit platform that enable people to borrow money and lend money from each other – without the involvement of banks or credit card companies. Most are helping them designing the best user experience for their clients.

Visit their site for more info.

Heymo, easiest way to create your own site.

Heymo is the new name and look of Hemsida24, a tool that allows anyone to create a website in a matter of minutes. Most created the new brand together with the client, along with videos and animations to communicate the new and improved service and brand.

Go give it a try.


Tinitell is a wearable mobile phone for kids, with voice calling and smart location features. Super simple, fun, and durable. As well as being small, Tinitell is designed for basic operation. This connected wearable doesn’t have a screen on the device itself, with just a hardware button to activate the interface, and voice recognition to summon a particular contact. Most helped Tinitell create a unique and powerful brand.

You can buy it here.


Veckopengen is a great tool for parents and kids to handle their allowance. Parents choose day and sum, get recommendations about what is an appropriate sum for the child’s age and get notified when it’s time to pay. And the children take responsibility and plan their spending. Most is helping the team in Stockholm with developing and enhancing the design and user experience. It's available on IOS and Android.

Download it for iOS here.

Clayster, iot infrastructure.

Clayster build products that enable secure transactions between physical and digital entities. They are leading the development in a field that will eventually let us connect all of our things. Most have developed their brand identity, design, and website.

Read more about Clayster here.

Flic, the World's Smartest Button.

Flic is a wireless push-button, connected by bluetooth, that allows you to take control of your smartphone, favorite apps, bluetooth devices, and more. The flic team launched one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in Sweden ever. Most has helped them market their product through social media.

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