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  • We build strong brands

    and lovable products

    Since 2015 we've supported innovative companies, from early-stage ventures to market leaders, build products and create brands that are simple, effective, and lovable.

  • Digiexam

    The examination process is broken, great knowledge deserves great exams

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand System
    • Web Design


    Mendi is letting you see and control your mind, ultimately improving your mental well-being and brain functioning

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy
    • Product Design
    • UX Design


    Transport solutions are more than just getting something from A to B

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy


    Helping the hard of hearing community with the best tools to be the driver of their own lives

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy


    Flipping into the future of workforce management

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy
    • Motion

    GP Bullhound

    Complete brand re-work of the leading technology advisory and investment firm

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy
    • Web Design


    A company that believes in the individual's freedom to control his or her own time and money.

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy


    Re-imagining digital signage solutions for retail and solely for in-store experiences

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy
    • Product Design
    • Web Design


    We don't want to brag, but Soon is the best bucket-list app out there

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy
    • Development
    • Go-to-Market
    • Product Design
    • Product Strategy
    • UX Design

    How we work & what we do

    Great brands in the digital landscape are built upon a holistic approach to brand design and user experience. We convey the desired brand perception in all aspects of identity, design, user experience, product design, seamlessly, for one unified experience.



    Brand Strategy

    Today people don't just buy a product, they buy meaningful experiences, they join the brand and want an authentic connection to it. We help brands clarify who they are and what they stand for.



    How do you find a name that grabs people's attention? How do you test names in the real world? How do you find a name that elevates you above the competition? We know.


    Brand Identity

    This is the special sauce that sets you apart from everyone else. Based on our strategic foundation we create a full visual identity that will visualize your brand and engage your customers.


    Product Design

    Your product experience is synonymous with your brand. From an idea about the product, we design an intuitive and beautiful experience. We apply digital product processes, like rapid prototyping, ongoing usability testing, and iterative development.


    Digital Production

    We make it happen. We develop creative technology that's beautiful and usable. Design and tech work closely together in order to ensure a perfect outcome.



    We help companies launch, grow, and scale using performance and growth marketing as well as by establishing cultural relevance through brand communication & influencer/creator strategy.

    We’re always looking for the best

    Some of the world’s most innovative companies look to us to be best-in-class digital craftsmen. We’re always looking for the best and brightest that values entrepreneurialism and embrace the constant change of the digital landscape.

    Open Positions

  • Internship 2022
  • UX Designer
  • Project Lead
  • Business Manager
  • Product Designer UX/UI
  • Strategy Lead (Brand)
  • Growth Marketing Manager
  • Stop by! ☕️
    Our office at Skeppsbron 16 in Stockholm

    Our studio is located in Stockholm, our clients are everywhere. If you would like to discuss a new project, please get in touch.


  • The best way to get in touch with us regarding new projects is to email the Introduction & Sales team. We’ll reply or call you swiftly.

  • Career

  • We have a great office in the heart of Stockholm, but we also work with remote talent. We also accept internships if it’s a good match.

  • Other

  • Do you want to sell your services or products, schedule a press interview or get in contact with us for any other reason, reach out.