Re-designing an invitation-only service for leading digital content creators in the fashion industry

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Apprl is a world-leading platform that allows content creators and brands to work together in the most frictionless way possible through AI, scalable technology and user-centric design. Using smart tools, Apprl provides insights that brands can utilize to evaluate and optimize performance and influencer marketing initiatives. Allowing brands to always get the best from their partnerships.

Apprl approached Most Studios with an established brand identity but a customer platform that required a sophisticated design application that placed UX at the forefront. With the goal to become a hub for influencer marketing, Apprl required a platform design that ensured digital content creators could easily and seamlessly engage and measure progress with the brand that had partnered with them, to create maximum value on both ends. The platform included everything from eCommerce product selection that would be linked from multiple sources to consumer engagement measurement and charting.