Challenging the status quo, rethinking how we furnish in a co-living world

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Beleco is a Stockholm based Startup born from the recognition that modern living and working requires adaptable furniture solutions. Have design pieces and interior designers transform your apartment, office or event space at the touch of a button, and when you’re done, you just send it back. All this, while creating a circular economy that reduces environmental impact. 

“Customers get more flexibility and access to design furniture that might otherwise be outside their budget. At the same time, retailers and manufacturers see a greater profit during the entire lifetime of the product”

Beleco approached Most Studios with one clear goal in mind, to help them build a brand and platform that could revolutionize the mindset of Swedes that they don’t need to own furniture to achieve the home or office of their dreams.

With a drive to become a new hub and business model for design, Beleco required a holistic visual identity that communicated clearly a new approach to furniture ownership whilst instilling a sense of trust. Alongside this, it was important that the platform had a heavily user-centric web platform that could act as a clear base for consumers, creating a seamless experience.