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The workspace powering suppliers in construction

Alrik Technologies streamlines the construction industry's supply chain with a specialized workspace that revolutionizes logistics, elevates sales, and reduces emissions. Their platform simplifies workflow management and offers real-time tracking, transforming logistics into a strategic asset.

Alrik Technologies tasked us with creating a cohesive brand identity and web design that communicate their revolutionary impact on the construction industry’s supply chain.


Brand Development: We forged a brand identity for Alrik Technologies that reflects their innovative approach to streamlining construction logistics, emphasizing efficiency, sustainability, and technological sophistication.

Web Design: Our web design for Alrik centers on illustrating the simplicity and power of their platform. With a focus on user experience, the website makes it easy for clients to understand the benefits of Alrik's service, including workflow management, real-time tracking, and emissions reduction.


The branding and website we crafted for Alrik Technologies now convey a clear message of transformation and strategy in construction logistics, showcasing their platform as a pivotal industry tool. This alignment of its digital presence with their mission has not only elevated their brand image but also enhanced their engagement with customers seeking cutting-edge logistics solutions.

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