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On a mission to build a future where everyone has access to clean energy

Enerpoly, a Swedish startup, distinguishes itself in the competitive European battery market with its unique zinc-ion batteries, known for their environmental friendliness, affordability, and versatility in applications ranging from small home installations to large-scale renewable energy farms. The company's mission is centered on making clean energy accessible to everyone, blending innovative technology with a commitment to sustainability and reliability. Most Studios developed the brand strategy and visual identity to take Enerpoly from the research lab out to the real world.

There are nearly 50 battery manufacturers in Europe alone, so why does a startup in Sweden see such potential in this crowded market?

The answer is simple – There are no competitors that deliver reliability, sustainability, and affordability at the same level as Enerpoly does.

From research lab, out to the real world

Enerpoly develops environmentally friendly and rechargeable zinc-ion batteries with breakthrough affordability. The battery cells can be used as energy storage for various applications, from smaller house installations up to massive wind and solar farms.

Charge the world, innovate the future

With the purpose of building a future where everyone has access to clean energy, the Enerpoly brand came to life through an open and iterative process, where the Scandinavian minimalistic design aesthetics stood in the center together with a human and personal approach. The brand is bold in its expression so that it stands out from the competition. The goal is to visualize how Enerpoly as a brand focuses on saving the world instead of being too technical and industry-focused.

The future is powered by zinc-ion

Describing the process of developing a more sustainable, reliable, and incredibly cost-efficient battery, is not easy. By creating a captivating script that the masses can understand, Most Studios helped bring this story to life through a visually appealing explanation video where details in illustration and timings are at its core.

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