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Generate Group

Generate's Adaptive Brand and Digital Platform

Generate Group, a collective of software engineering consultancies, engaged Most Studios to forge its brand identity and digital presence. In a sector that prioritizes innovation and collaboration, Generate sought to manifest its foundational principles of decentralization, empowerment, and growth into its brand essence and website.

Generate Group represents a new paradigm in the software engineering field, championing a decentralized approach that allows each participating company in the group to retain its distinctiveness while benefiting from collective strengths. This structure is built around the pillars of diversity, knowledge exchange, and talent cultivation, aiming to spur innovation and sustainable development.

Challenge and Objectives
Creating a brand identity and website that reflects Generate's spirit of unity and empowerment presented a primary goal, especially considering these elements' need to accommodate the diverse cultures of its growing number of companies. Generate aspired to position itself as a contender in its industry, fostering a communal and progressive atmosphere within its network.

The team designed a logo and brand identity that visually communicates unity and advancement—a dynamic, evolving shape that encapsulates the letter "G" and the notion of a collective propelling forward. This design symbolizes the essence of growth through collaboration and became the bedrock of Generate's new identity.

The website
Understanding Generate's ambition for expansion, the website was built using the highly flexible and easy-to-use CMS, Webflow, to ensure scalability and easy of maintenance. This foresight allows for the seamless integration of new modules as Generate continues to grow and evolve, reflecting the collective's innovative and forward-thinking nature. The design language, including chosen fonts and colors, aligns with the IT and tech industry's aesthetic, projecting professionalism and a vision for the future.

Special Consideration for Group Dynamics
This project exemplifies the branding needs of groups of companies that require adaptability and flexibility as they expand. The branding strategy developed for Generate is crafted to accommodate the addition of new companies over time, ensuring the collective's brand identity remains cohesive and robust regardless of its evolving composition.

"Designing for Generate was about capturing the essence of collaboration and scalability, ensuring their brand could grow and evolve with their ambitions. It's a vivid example of how shared vision and adaptability fuel innovation."

Oskar Pettersson Hedin

Results and Impact

The new identity effectively communicates the collective's guiding principles and ambitions, drawing in businesses and professionals who share these values. Furthermore, the website's adaptable framework supports Generate's ongoing growth and diversification, underpinning its strategy for embracing new members and capabilities.

Through insightful design and strategic development, we equipped the new brand with a robust foundation for future expansion. This project highlights the significance of thoughtful branding and digital architecture in conveying a company's mission and cultivating a unified, empowering community.

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