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Bridging the Gap in Communication with InnoCaption

InnoCaption offers real-time captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing, focusing on accessibility and ease of use. Its service is designed for clear communication across different settings. The goal is to provide universal access to phone conversations with technology that's both inclusive and reliable. Most Studios helped shape InnoCaption's brand and visual identity, moving it from idea to essential service.

InnoCaption changes the game for the deaf and hard of hearing by making phone chats easy and inclusive. It uses cutting-edge captioning in real-time to close the gap in conversations. The service combines expert stenographers with top-notch automated tech to provide quick and precise captions, making calls smoother for its users. This free, FCC-certified service isn't just helpful; it's a vital tool that brings people back into the loop, giving them the freedom to communicate confidently in all areas of life.

Creation of the Identity

In a strategic move to redefine and enhance its brand, InnoCaption approached Most Studios, seeking expertise in developing a new identity that deeply resonates with accessibility and innovation. The collaboration birthed a refreshed brand identity rooted in the magical transformation of voice to text— the core of InnoCaption's product. This reimagining began with an in-depth exploration of what makes InnoCaption indispensable to its users: the seamless conversion of spoken words into written captions, enabling clear and accessible communication for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Change the perception of Innocaption from that of a mere "crutch" to the quintessential tool that empowers a complete professional life

- Oskar Petterson Hedin / Creative Lead

Inspired by the visual metaphor of sound waves morphing into text, the new logo symbolizes this transformation elegantly. It represents the technological essence of InnoCaption and the company's commitment to breaking down communication barriers. This design choice highlights the fusion of audio and textual accessibility, catering specifically to the needs and experiences of InnoCaption's user base. By placing accessibility at the forefront of their identity, Most Studios and InnoCaption crafted a visual narrative that speaks volumes of their dedication to inclusivity and user empowerment.

Crafting InnoCaption's Digital Platform

The InnoCaption website got a makeover with accessibility at its heart, aiming to meet the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing. The team went for a design that's easy to change and grow, choosing a user-friendly system for managing content that keeps up with new info and tech, showing off InnoCaption's forward-thinking.

They used a modular design, making the website easier to navigate and scale. This setup helps users quickly find what they're looking for and paves the way for future expansion, all while making the site more enjoyable for a wide range of users.

A key part of this redesign was a strong focus on SEO, helping InnoCaption reach more people without sacrificing ease of use or accessibility. This strategy makes sure content is easy to find and use, bringing InnoCaption's game-changing service to more users.

The end product is a website that puts users first, highlighting InnoCaption's commitment to making communication easy for everyone and pushing the envelope in tech and inclusivity.

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