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Momentum Energy

Going from complex and excluding to intuitive and inclusive

Property and energy management software in today’s landscape is either super complex with user interfaces built in the 90’s that looks like Windows 3, or too simplistic - compromising data and features. This results in exclusive products, leaving property owners having to compromise in one way or another. This is how we helped Momentum Energy, the Swedish industry leader, to have the best of both worlds in today’s market.

Reimagining an established product

Momentum approached us with a unique challenge: they possessed a strong team of in-house developers but realized the need to enhance their UX and design capabilities. Their existing product architecture, though robust, was intricately complex and not optimally aligned with user-centric principles.

In close collaboration with the Momentum team, we aimed to fortify and amplify their stature as an industry frontrunner. We aimed to achieve this by transforming their product into a paragon of user-friendliness and aesthetic allure, catering to a broader spectrum of users, including those with limited technical proficiency. Our concerted efforts focused on simplifying the user experience and infusing the design with intuitive elements, ensuring that Momentum's solution stands out as accessible and visually compelling.

Enhanced look and feel

Leveraging the established brand identity we created, we seamlessly integrated its essence into the product's design, while thoughtfully repurposing the existing design system. This approach culminated in a visually captivating product that not only resonates with the brand's aesthetic but also emphasizes functional design elements. The strategic use of colors, along with meticulously crafted graphs and charts, ensures that the product is not only pleasing to the eye but also excels in delivering a clear, data-driven user experience.

"Most’s ability to quickly understand our complex product and produce beautiful UX & UI design with exceptional attention to detail and clear implementation guidelines has left us exceptionally pleased with our partnership. We’re looking forward to future collaborations."

- Märta Falck, Business Area Manager, Momentum


By integrating actionable links directly into the dashboard interface, we provide users with a streamlined pathway to accomplish their goals. This design approach not only enhances the user experience by offering a clear, direct route to necessary actions but also significantly reduces the time and effort required to navigate through the system. Users can swiftly move from insight to action, enabling quicker decision-making and a more efficient workflow. This intuitive design ensures that essential tasks are just a click away, fostering a more productive and satisfying interaction with the platform.

User-centric and personalized

The platform is meticulously tailored to cater to the unique needs of each user or role. Upon entry, individuals are welcomed with a personalized start view, featuring a set of pre-defined widgets specifically aligned with their primary functions. Additionally, a custom side menu enhances the user-centric experience, providing seamless navigation and quick access to essential tools. This thoughtful customization ensures that the client's platform is not only intuitive but also deeply resonant with the daily workflow of its users.

Simple and intuitive navigation

The platform introduces completely redesigned menus, now more familiar and intuitive by incorporating universally recognized navigation logic, akin to that used in popular apps and websites. While the essence of Momentum's previous architecture is preserved, these enhancements ensure a smooth, user-friendly experience. To further aid navigation in this intricate system, breadcrumbs have been implemented, providing users with a clear pathway to move back and forth through the platform's various layers and complexities.

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