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Global ambition, local impact - Norstat's website reimagined

Norstat stands as a beacon in the field of market research, renowned for its commitment to delivering precise and reliable data. Established with a vision to empower decision-making through insightful research, Norstat has carved a niche for itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking data-driven clarity. Their expertise spans across various methodologies and technologies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to understanding market trends and consumer behavior.

In 2023 we embarked on a strategic journey to overhaul Norstat's digital presence. Our challenge was to realign Norstat's website with its status as a tech-forward leader in market research, catering to a global audience with diverse needs.

Going Glocal: Balancing Global Reach with Local Relevance. We created a unified website structure allowing localized, translated content, blending global appeal and local specificity.

Clarity in Communication. We aimed to simplify market research for beginners while catering to seasoned visitors with detailed insights. We ensured clear communication and easy navigation for diverse audiences.

Digital-Personal Hybrid Approach. We blended digital innovation with a personal touch, showcasing human elements on the website to maintain the essence of personal interaction in a digital landscape.

Efficient Domain Strategy. We adopted a unified domain strategy to streamline user experience and optimize for global SEO, avoiding the complexities of geo-based redirects.


  • Enhanced global user experience and accessibility
  • Streamlined content management for local markets
  • Improved SEO and CRO
  • A brand evolution that resonates on a global scale

This project was more than a website redesign; it was a strategic initiative to position Norstat as a market research leader, adept in technological advancement and global market understanding.

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