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Flipping into the future of workforce management

Quinyx is the leading Workforce Management SaaS provider in the Nordic region and is fast-growing around the world. Spanning industries including retail, healthcare, hospitality, and logistics, Quinyx provides a seamless experience across devices to manage organizational schedules, reporting, communications, and more.

From McDonald's Shifts to Market-Leading Software

Quinyx was founded by CEO Erik Fjellborg while working at McDonald’s. After seeing how difficult it was for managers to sort shifts manually, Erik created Quinyx, which is now the market-leading workforce management software. This transformed and radically improved the industry. Naturally, McDonald’s loved Erik’s solution and became Quinyx’s first customer.

Efficiency and Growth

Quinyx now helps more than 1000 companies globally to optimize schedules with AI forecasting, make time reporting more efficient, reduce costs, stay compliant, and engage with employees. All in order to make people and businesses grow.

The Quinyx team approached Most Studios for help in creating a brand strategy and identity that better resonated with their position in the market and their grand vision for the future.

Happiness and Simplicity: Quinyx's Fresh Identity

In alignment with the brand strategy, we have created an identity rooted in happiness, friendliness, and simplicity. The new logo echoes the brand’s namesake, evoking the vernal equinox and the shape of the earth. Moreover, the logo reflects the nature of workforce management, where moving pieces come together seamlessly, enabling organizations to flow.

Quinyx's Color Strategy

From the vibrant color palette to the upbeat yet honest photo style, we made sure to infuse this happiness every step of the way. Quinyx’s new brand instills a sense of simplicity and efficiency, which is also reflected in the software’s user experience.

The new color scheme brings joy and a happy feeling, while still being calm. Given the fast-paced nature of workforce management, these cool tones help to create a reliable environment in which customers are in control. Building on the “Happy Workforce. Happy Business.” position, the pink brings the happy—youthful, energetic, and positive—while the petroleum green captures business—clear, professional, and direct.

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