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How we made a best-in-class app for keeping track of recommendations, super fun, and easy to use.

We were tired of the dull experience of scribbling down notes of movies, books, and restaurants in a notepad just to forget about them moments later. So many great recommendations went missing. We wanted to make the experience of collecting recommendations fun and easy to use.

Our approach

So how do you create a tool that people actually stick to over time? We wanted to create a simple yet beautiful home for all the recommendations you get, a place to build playlists of Movies, TV shows, Books, etc.

A joyful place where you feel both organized and proud of your collections. We saw multiple challenges with creating such a solution; How do you collect so much information without getting the app cluttered? How do you make finding and adding new items seamless and instant? But at the same time inspiring and fun to keep using?

We didn’t want it to feel like work to input items to your lists, instead, we wanted it to feel fun and rewarding! Every time you add an item it should feel like you are curating your life in a nice way—something to look forward to. 

We also wanted it to feel magical when adding items.

Whenever you type in a movie, book, or restaurant, we complete your sentence and show it to you with rich details.

We love to discuss films, and books, and explore what our friends are watching and reading, yet somehow it gets lost in today’s noisy social feeds of the internet. What if we could make a place where you always have access to recommendations from your tastiest friends? And conversations on what to read, watch, and do next.

The solution

A clean yet joyful home for keeping track of movies, tv shows, books, restaurants, and more. Allowing users to seamlessly create and curate lists; get rich information about items, share and collaborate with friends, and see what your favorite people are recommending.

The brand expression

“Keep an eye out”

Soon is about being curious and keeping an eye out for what’s out there and seeing what your friends are recommending. Looking forward to something.

The eyes represent all these aspects of Soon. We wanted to create a brand that matches the curious mind and the joyful experience of Soon.

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