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Carasent is a leading medtech innovator, providing advanced digital solutions to streamline healthcare operations. Specializing in eHealth, the company partners closely with healthcare professionals to develop technology that enhances workflows, cuts inefficiencies, and improves care quality. Their portfolio includes acquisitions like Medrave and Metodika, positioning them as a Scandinavian market leader in quality improvement software for healthcare practices.

Carasent, at the forefront of medtech innovation, engaged us to unify and modernize their visual identity across its group, including its acquisitions such as Medrave and Metodika. Our goal was to create a coherent group identity that reflects modernity, product compatibility, and a visual link to the parent company.

Key Deliverables:

  1. Visual Identity Synchronization:
    • Developed a cohesive visual identity system that aligns the group with Carasent’s modern and innovative ethos.
    • Implemented the system across all entities, with guidance for integrating new companies in the future.
  2. Product Compatibility and Branding:
    • Ensured all design efforts by our brand designers were in sync with product designers and Carasent’s UX/UI lead, resulting in identities that are aesthetically and functionally optimized for integration into the company’s product offerings.
  3. Strategic Communication and Value Proposition:
    • Conducted workshops with company stakeholders, facilitated by Johan Sahlström, to develop a synchronized communication core with Carasent’s brand strategy.
    • Crafted foundational brand concepts and articulated value propositions and key messages.
  4. Visual Optimization:
    • Instead of starting from scratch, we focused on modernizing and optimizing the existing visual elements such as logos, color schemes, typography, and other brand elements.
    • Provided implementation guides and mockups demonstrating the updated brand applied across various materials.


  • Adopted a sprint-based methodology to maximize output within budget constraints, focusing on essential visual elements and necessary brand components.
  • Ensured stakeholder availability for close communication and strategic alignment throughout the sprint processes.



The initiative has laid a strong foundation for a unified brand presence across the Carasent group, enhancing the visual harmony and product experience within the Scandinavian healthcare market.

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