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Fidelio is a private equity company with a focus on entrepreneur-driven companies, seeking out mature and profitable businesses in structurally growing industries. The firm's investment strategy emphasizes long-term commitment and operational support to help companies scale and expand into new markets. With a portfolio that spans over 150 companies in around 20 countries, Fidelio stands out with significant holdings in notable firms such as Vimian and Lyko.

We’ve redefined Fidelio’s brand and online footprint, providing comprehensive identity and web design solutions that resonate with their ethos of entrepreneurship and operational excellence. Additionally, we extended our expertise to several of their portfolio companies, ensuring a cohesive brand experience across the board.

Key Contributions:

  1. Brand Identity:
    • Developed a corporate identity that aligns with Fidelio’s vision of nurturing entrepreneur-driven companies.
    • Crafted branding elements that embody the firm’s commitment to long-term growth and structural industry advancement.
  2. Web Design:
    • Delivered a sophisticated and intuitive website design, encapsulating Fidelio’s corporate narrative and investment philosophy.
    • Integrated key user experience principles to showcase Fidelio’s expansive portfolio and highlight their market presence effectively.
  3. Portfolio Company Branding:
    • Extended branding services to over 150 companies within Fidelio’s portfolio, ensuring brand alignment and market positioning.
    • Tailored design strategies to reflect the unique identity of each company while maintaining a thread of Fidelio’s overarching brand story.



Fidelio’s new brand and web identity profoundly illustrate their core values and strategic focus, bolstering their stature in the private equity space. The design framework established for Fidelio’s portfolio companies has further reinforced the firm’s reputation for fostering strong, identifiable brands that are leaders in their respective industries.

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