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Five Letter Foods

Five Letter Foods redefines dog nutrition with its unique home-delivery service of raw, real food for dogs. Free from additives and embracing a natural diet, they offer meal kits with a variety of raw meats, fermented veggies, and even canine-friendly ice cream. Leveraging sidestreams and lab-grown meats, they're at the forefront of sustainable, ethical pet food. Flexible subscription options and a free trial showcase their commitment to a healthier, science-backed canine diet.

We have partnered with Five Letter Foods to shape and enhance their brand strategy and identity. Five Letter Foods is revolutionizing canine nutrition with their commitment to raw, additive-free meals for dogs, conveniently delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

Key Services Provided:

  1. Brand Strategy:
    • Defined a clear brand narrative emphasizing the health benefits of a natural canine diet and the company’s dedication to sustainability.
    • Developed a strategic approach to market their innovative use of sidestreams and lab-grown meats.
  2. Brand Identity:
    • Designed a fresh and distinctive visual identity that reflects the brand’s values and appeals to health-conscious pet owners.
    • Created a cohesive branding suite that communicates the science and care behind the product offerings.



Through our strategic brand building efforts, Five Letter Foods now boasts a robust brand identity that articulates their vision for ethical and sustainable dog nutrition. The brand’s enhanced engagement strategies and visual storytelling are set to make a mark in the pet food industry, promoting healthier diets for dogs across communities.

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