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Movora a leader within veterinary orthopedic, offering an extensive array of implants and surgical tools. Globally recognized for over 30 years, the company supports veterinarians across 51 countries with innovative solutions and a commitment to pet health and mobility. With sustainability in focus, Movora's impact is marked by a significant product range and a dedication to professional veterinary development.

We spearheaded Movora’s brand rejuvenation, aligning their identity with their leadership in veterinary orthopedics. Our strategic design and marketing efforts have underscored their commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Key Contributions:

  • Developed a succinct brand identity to reflect Movora’s excellence in pet health solutions.
  • Produced streamlined marketing assets to enhance global recognition and underscore their sustainable practices.
  • Supported Movora’s educational role with materials that foster professional veterinary growth.


Outcome: Movora’s brand and marketing revamp has strengthened their global reputation, affirming their position as an industry leader devoted to the well-being of pets and the environment.

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