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Nabo is Sweden's premier property management firm for housing associations, offering a leading digital platform combined with expertise in finance, technical management, and legal advice. Nabo serves over 3,100 clients. Its services streamline board tasks, improve property safety, and increase real estate value with proactive management solutions. Nabo is owned by Fidelio.

For Nabo, Sweden’s top property management firm for housing associations, we’ve delivered an end-to-end brand strategy, identity, and naming, complemented by a compelling video narrative that encapsulates their service essence.

Our Contributions:

  • Brand Strategy: We carved out a strategy that underscores Nabo’s blend of digital innovation and comprehensive expertise in finance, technical management, and legal counsel.
  • Naming: Crafting a name that would resonate in the market, we encapsulated their community-focused and efficient ethos into a single, powerful brand identity: Nabo.
  • Brand Identity: We then developed a brand identity that communicates Nabo’s values of trustworthiness and cutting-edge service, using a clean and professional aesthetic.
  • Video Production: Our team also produced a concise, engaging video that effectively communicates Nabo’s role in enhancing property value and safety through their proactive management solutions.



Nabo now proudly stands out in the competitive property management landscape with a strong, distinctive brand and a clear message that speaks to their 3,100+ clients. The new brand identity not only reflects their innovative platform but also their commitment to improving board efficiency and property outcomes, solidifying their position as a leader in the industry.

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