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Petbuddy Group

Petbuddy Group is a conglomerate of companies within the pet market, dedicated to advancing the well-being of pets and advocating for environmental stewardship. Their strategy includes the acquisition and nurturing of brands with the potential to lead globally, emphasizing full control over the production chain to guarantee quality and effective customer experiences. They champion sustainability with a goal to reach climate neutrality by 2025 and support their mission with a robust team driven by a shared love for pets and innovation.

We assisted Petbuddy Group, a leader in the pet industry, in refining their strategic positioning and enhancing their digital footprint. Petbuddy Group is renowned for its commitment to pet welfare and environmental sustainability. Our collaboration involved developing comprehensive strategies and creating cohesive identity and web designs for their portfolio companies.

Key Contributions:

  1. Strategic Development:
    • Worked with Petbuddy Group to solidify their market positioning, focusing on leadership in quality control and customer experience.
    • Supported their ambitious goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2025, aligning their strategy with sustainability principles.
  2. Brand Identity Design:
    • Crafted distinctive brand identities for portfolio companies, underscoring Petbuddy Group’s ethos of care and environmental responsibility.
    • Ensured consistent brand messaging across all entities to reinforce their mission and market positioning.
  3. Web Design and User Experience:
    • Developed and launched intuitive, user-friendly websites for several portfolio companies, enhancing the online customer journey.
    • Implemented SEO best practices to improve online visibility and audience reach.



Through our strategic and design expertise, Petbuddy Group has strengthened its brand architecture and online presence, poised to expand its influence in the global pet market while upholding its core values of pet welfare and sustainability.

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