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Visiba Care

Visiba Care provides a scalable digital healthcare platform for automated triage and digital care flows, enhancing the overall operation of healthcare services. They offer integrated solutions for municipalities, healthcare providers, and individual care with a focus on quality and security. Their platform serves a broad user base and emphasizes an ecosystem approach for continual innovation and partnership in digital healthcare transformation.

We partnered with Visiba Care to refresh their brand strategy and identity, aligning it with their mission to make healthcare more accessible through technology.

Key Tasks:

  • Developed a straightforward brand strategy that captures Visiba Care’s innovative and patient-focused approach to digital healthcare.
  • Designed a new brand identity, including a modern logo and a unified color scheme that reflects the simplicity and efficiency of their services.



The updated brand strategy and identity we crafted for Visiba Care now clearly convey their role as a forward-thinking digital healthcare provider, positioning them for further growth and a stronger connection with their audience.

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