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Zettle by PayPal offers a range of financial and commercial tools, including payment solutions and POS systems designed to simplify transactions for businesses of all sizes. They integrate advanced technology to facilitate sales, manage inventory, and provide valuable analytics, aiming to streamline operations and enhance the customer payment experience.

Our ongoing work with Zettle has spanned several years, where we’ve delivered clear and effective design work tailored to their diverse needs. Our focus has been on creating designs that are not only visually appealing but also drive engagement and communicate Zettle’s message clearly.

Project Highlights:

  • Social Media: We’ve refreshed Zettle’s social media with clean and engaging graphics, making their platforms more user-centric and visually appealing.
  • Instagram AR Filters: Our custom-designed AR filters for Instagram have offered followers a novel and interactive way to engage with the Zettle brand.
  • Internal Communications: We’ve produced clear and visually appealing materials for internal use, helping to streamline communication and enhance the work environment for the Zettle team.
  • Event Materials: Our design work for Zettle’s events has ensured that promotional materials are not only eye-catching but also communicate the brand’s message effectively.
  • Recruitment Visuals: By designing inviting and straightforward recruitment visuals, we’ve helped Zettle attract talented individuals who are a perfect fit for their company culture.


The Outcome:

Through our design efforts, Zettle’s branding has become more consistent and accessible, leading to an improved presence on social media, better internal communication, and successful events and recruitment drives. We continue to work with Zettle, providing design solutions that are clear, effective, and directly in line with their brand ethos.

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