Not just creating a new household name

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Apohem is a new online pharmacy, backed by Axfood and Novax. Their goal is to contribute to a healthier world and simplify everyday life for everybody by offering a wide range of pharmacy and merchandise at low prices with fast and secure deliveries.


The team approached Most Studios looking for the development of a full brand identity and strategy.



Working closely with Apohem, using our full ideation process we worked to create a name and identity that met the challenge of establishing a household name within the pharmacy industry whilst attracting new audiences. The team needed us to help them change the view of what a pharmacy can be in the future, in particular pertaining to lifestyle.


One of the greatest challenges that had to be met was branding Apohem with a distinct new colour profile. The established industry norm for pharmacy brands usually centres around a standardised medical green. We wanted to seperate Apohem from this whilst still choosing a palette that conveys the level of trust to consumers that they have come to expect from a pharmacy. As part of our research process we composed a unique competitor colour chart to see where we could could fall in regards to distinction and in the end we settled on a sharp and rich blue; a colour defined by its evocation of purpose, security and modernity.



Apohems new logo is the intertwining of an A (Apo) and a H (Hem). As a nod to Apohems pharmaceutical roots we want to evoke shapes within the logo that were reminiscent of the Caducecus (two snakes intertwined), a symbol used in traditional medical logos of the past.



One final requirement of this brand design was to make sure the the Apohem identity was able to fit into the overall portfolio of Axfood, such as Hemshop, Willy’s and This was an element that was considered across the full process.



In the end, Most studios was able to develop a clear name and identity for that is bold yet still conveys trust for a pharmaceutical brand of tomorrow. This branding has been carried through to the Apohem e-commerce site.