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UX Design Internship in Stockholm


Most Studios invites you to participate in our immersive UX Design Internship at our office in Stockholm. This program is tailored for those eager to delve into the realm of user-centric digital product design. It's an ideal opportunity for individuals aiming to enhance their skills and knowledge in the ever-evolving field of UX design.

What you will learn

User-Centered Design Process: Embark on a journey through the UX design landscape, mastering the art of creating intuitive and captivating user experiences. Engage in every stage of the design process, from initial research to the final implementation.

Strategic design approach: Develop the ability to approach complex design challenges strategically. Learn to effectively bridge user needs and business objectives into compelling design solutions.

Prototyping and testing: Acquire practical skills in crafting wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs using industry-standard tools like Figma. Understand the critical role of user testing and feedback in refining and perfecting designs.

Project experience

Diverse product range: Participate in a broad spectrum of projects, including mobile apps and web interfaces, to gain a comprehensive UX design experience.

Real-world impact: Your contributions will have tangible effects. Work on projects that resonate with users, providing valuable insights into creating user-focused designs.

Mentorship and collaboration

Expert guidance: Benefit from the mentorship of Most Studios' seasoned UX designers, dedicated to supporting and enhancing your design journey.

Collaborative environment: Engage with a multidisciplinary team of designers, strategists, and developers, gaining a holistic view of how UX design intersects with various aspects of product development.

Workplace and culture

Become part of a team that celebrates diversity, creativity, and open dialogue. We are committed to creating a supportive, energetic workplace where every voice is heard and valued. We work from our beautiful office in the old town on Stockholm.

How to apply

At Most Studios, design a new future starting with your own. Send us an email at and tell us more about yourself.