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  • Insight 11/09/2022

    How we 10x our value switching to Webflow

    Over the years we’ve worked with many of the common web builders, WordPress, Squarespace, heck even Wix, hacking on top of their templates, prebuilt CMS’s and plugins with external dev teams to bring creative ideas to life. But after hiring a senior frontend developer to have more control of how the nuances of our designs were being implemented we began to question whether we should be “coding” at all. 

    In this 3-minute read we’re going to highlight 3 key areas where Webflow has likely attributed 10x value to our studio and consequently to our clients – many of whom are early-stage tech startups looking to stand out in competitive markets in short amounts of time.

    1. Complete design flexibility 

    “If you can think it you can build it with Webflow”. This is their mantra and it frees our design team from typical platform limitations when designing and prototyping a site in Figma that would otherwise be intended for a “regular” web-building platform.

    Increasingly we’ve seen that we can even skip some of the iterations in Figma and move straight into Webflow, since we can bring interactions to the next level and continue pushing pixels and testing on their built-in staging server. Letting clients “feel” a site in this way, gets us to the “aha” moments faster, helping close the knowledge gap and elevating designs to what would typically be reserved for big brand budgets and longer timelines.

    2. Powerful UI

    Webflow’s visual designer tool is both relatively intuitive and super powerful, allowing you to select from pre-made components to quickly block in the foundational functional structure and focus on customising them to your design choices and adding the “little details”, micro-interactions and transitions that bring a web experience to life. Add to that the ability to create component classes, means making universal updates are no longer feared but can be done with one click. When working in agile sprints with early stage startups or new products, this smart control lets us keep the all important momentum to iterate and continuously ship. Responsiveness can be tested and adjusted easily by switching between device breakpoints and making changes on the fly, and changes at one level are Inherited down for mobile and up for desktop, speeding up the QA work. When you’re ready to go live, Webflow offers a hosting add-on so it’s super convenient and competitively priced (oh and it’s serverless for ultimate speed).

    3. Levelling up our teamwork

    Using Webflow means we’re not reliant on developers for everything when it comes to finessing web and digital projects. Instead, it connects our departments; strategy, branding, design, and dev, working more in unison, leveling up our teamwork and standards by letting more people touch the “code”, whether that’s some fancy transition or just editing copy. Plus for every project we complete we’re also building up our own library of components for the next that we can reuse or adapt, compounding value for future clients.

    “Webflow helps streamline the design process, creating the opportunity of developing code through design”
    – Joana Mendes, Most Studios

    Some of the sites we’ve created with Webflow include:

    Tim Bergling Foundation – promoting mental health for young people
    Comma Secured – personal drone security rapid response
    Alrik – last mile delivery for construction

    Is Webflow the best choice for your business?

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of the top benefits we’ve experienced:

    • Want a custom website design but don’t have a big brand budget
    • Wish to launch and iterate fast. Webflow closes the gap between idea and execution
    • Easy to use editor + possibility to add on the Webflow CMS to manage larger sites
    • Take the hassle out of hosting by selecting Webflow hosting, plus it’s super fast serverless
    • Easily maintain and secure your site without the fear of plugins or templates breaking, Webflow has 99.99% uptime
    • No PHP, if you want to dig into the code it’s just HTML, CSS and JS, opening up a larger pool of professionals who can help
    • It’s the gold standard web design tool for the foreseeable future. Webflow already supports e-commerce and we expect even app development to be possible as they continue to grow

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