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Brand Design Internship in Stockholm


Most Studios proudly offers a Brand Design Internship in Stockholm, perfect for those who are passionate about learning more about brand creation and building. This opportunity is ideal for individuals who aspire to delve into the world of brand identity and design, and who are eager to contribute to the development of compelling brand stories.

What you will learn

Brand identity creation: Understand the essentials of brand identity design, from conceptualization to execution. Learn how to create compelling visual identities that resonate with audiences and embody the brand's essence.

Visual storytelling and strategy: Master the art of visual storytelling. Gain insights into developing strategic design solutions that effectively communicate a brand's values, mission, and vision.

Market research and analysis: Develop skills in market research and trend analysis to inform design decisions. Understand the importance of staying ahead of design trends while ensuring that the brand remains true to its core values.

Project experience

Diverse brand projects: Work on a variety of brand design projects, from startups to established companies. This exposure ensures a rich experience, allowing you to understand different brand challenges and opportunities.

Real-world brand development: Contribute to the development and evolution of brands, experiencing firsthand the impact of your design work on a brand's journey.

Mentorship and collaboration

Expert guidance: Receive mentorship from our team of seasoned brand designers. Their expertise will be crucial to your development and understanding of the brand design industry.

Collaborative team environment: Collaborate with a diverse group of creatives, strategists, and thinkers. This interdisciplinary approach enriches your learning experience and provides a comprehensive understanding of brand design's role in a broader context.

Workplace and culture

Dynamic and inclusive atmosphere: Be part of a team that values diversity, creativity, and open communication. At Most Studios, we believe in creating an environment where everyone’s ideas are celebrated and encouraged. We work from our beautiful office in the old town of Stockholm.

How to apply

At Most Studios, design a new future starting with your own. Send us an email at and introduce yourself. We are eager to learn more about you and how you can contribute to the exciting world of brand design with us.