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MVB – Minimal Viable Brand

In the early stages of a startup, resources are often limited, and the focus is usually on product development and market research. However, a foundational brand identity is equally crucial during this phase, and that's where our Minimal Viable Brand (MVB) comes into play. MVB is our simplified branding process tailored for pre-funding ventures, designed to create a clear and compelling brand identity without straining limited resources.

The MVB is more than just a logo or a tagline – it's the articulation of your unique vision into a cohesive brand narrative. It helps startups to articulate their brand's ethos, attracting potential investors, partners, and talent.

Furthermore, MVB can be seen as the first step on a larger brand journey. As your company grows, the initial brand identity established through MVB can be expanded and refined, continually evolving along with your business. With MVB, we aim to provide startups with a solid and flexible foundation for their future branding endeavors.


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