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Motion design and video

In today's marketing and brand building landscape, motion graphics are a crucial component. Most Studios boasts a dedicated team of experts in video and motion design, ready to transform your vision into engaging content.

Motion Graphics in Brand Building

Motion graphics play a central role in today's marketing, with its ability to capture attention and effectively convey information. Its use extends from marketing campaigns to informational videos and social media.

Versatility in Motion Design

Motion design is an effective and cost-efficient method of communicating with your target audience, where artistic creativity meets technical skill. Our team of experts produces materials that convey your brand's message in an engaging way. Whether it's an animated video, an inspiring campaign, or an interactive presentation, motion design can turn your creative ideas into reality and effectively reach your target audience.

5 Benefits of Motion Graphics:

  1. Simplify Complex Information: Motion graphic videos are an effective way for content marketers to communicate complex information and data in an easily understandable format. When your audience gains a clear understanding of your information and process, they can make the connection between what your brand does and how it can fulfill their needs. This is crucial for guiding your audience through the sales funnel.
  2. Increase Brand Awareness: We all know that brand awareness is key to driving conversions. Motion graphics are memorable and boost brand awareness. While live-action video is a great way to engage your audience, there may be limitations on how much you can incorporate your brand message without it feeling overt or too salesy. Motion graphics, on the other hand, can be easily tailored to fit the needs of your various audience segments while maintaining the consistency of your brand and core message.
  3. Communicate in Multiple Languages: The internet has given consumers access to brands from all over the world. Being able to communicate with people in their native language can make the sales process much smoother. It not only reduces confusion but also shows your audience that they are valued. Motion graphics allow you to easily produce video content in multiple languages by simply changing the text and voiceover to represent your target region.
  4. Communicate Without Sound: Nowadays, we use subtitles on almost every video designed for social media. Often when viewers scroll through timelines, they don't want to be disrupted by sound. Creating motion graphics with text is a way to communicate through video without needing to caption your images afterward.
  5. Unlimited Creativity: Motion graphic videos truly allow you to tap into your creativity. You can create any scenario you desire with unlimited parameters. And in a world where budget plays a role in the creation of every video, motion graphic videos tend to be more forgiving of a lower budget.

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Why do our clients pick us?

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Brand + product

Our clients choose us for our ability to create a seamless user experience, combining brand design with innovative app design. We guarantee a powerful, cohesive presence for your brand and product.

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Business focused

Our focus is on delivering what truly moves the needle - we create strategies and solutions that yield tangible, measurable business results. We are dedicated to enhancing your bottom line and ensuring that every effort contributes to your overall business success.

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Focused sprints

Our strength lies in our ability to deliver quickly and efficiently. We are entirely dedicated to our clients' success and work in short, focused sprints to ensure high productivity and quality.

Grow with us, from strategy to execution

We'll take your brand to the next level with a wide range of creative solutions. Our offerings range from small-scale design projects to extensive app and digital production and well-thought-out strategies.

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Fantastic people working in a great agency! We did two projects with them and were super happy with the results. 100% recommended.

Max Werner

Founder / CEO

Comma Secured

Most Studios is a fantastic agency to work with. They are always available, flexible, and proactive, delivering superb results.

Karin Lindell

Chief Marketing Officer


Very professional and helped us with our brand to take it to the next level. Can highly recommend the team at Most!

Marcus Dahlman



They've become an invaluable resource to us. They've been a soundboard for us to bounce thoughts. They have sought to figure out how we can partner together and leverage their services to accelerate our future plans.

Sahitya Yarlagadda

Strategic Communications Manager


Their output quality is superb, and they work fast. Most Studios were essential in executing our vision of creating a brand that would resonate

Amanda Drotz



They were flexible, humble, and able to deliver high value in a super short timeframe

Frida Femling



Working with Most Studios was a collaborative and enjoyable experience. Most Studios were structured, results-driven, and creative, and they provided valuable pushback when necessary.

Åsa Söderlund

Marketing Manager

Visiba Care

Most’s ability to quickly understand our complex product and produce beautiful UX & UI design with exceptional attention to detail and clear implementation guidelines has left us exceptionally pleased with our partnership.

Märta Falck

Business Area Manager


Their standout qualities include a tech-oriented approach, friendly demeanor, to-the-point communication style, and unwavering commitment to delivering results.

Janna Jarlman



I had high expectations, and Most Studios exceeded them all. The experience was phenomenal from start to finish.

Carl Schander

CEO & Co-Founder


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