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Partnering With Founders to Actualize Their Vision

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"We work closely with both entrepreneurs and investors to set any venture up for maximum success, combating pitfalls associated with early-stage ventures"

Simon Persson

Coaching Founders

We support renowned incubators and accelerators like Sting and SSE Business Lab, coaching founders on brand building and product design (UX/UI). Together, we empower startup teams, shaping impactful brands and delivering exceptional user experiences. Joining forces, we foster collaboration and innovation to drive the future of entrepreneurship.

Early Stage Services

Product Prototype

We support early-stage founders with interactive product prototypes to visualize their vision for potential partners and investors. By presenting their vision in an interactive and tangible format, founders can make a strong impression and attract the necessary support to bring their product to life.

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Early Stage Services

Pitch Deck Design

We help founders raise money with a compelling pitch deck. Our services encompass design, brand consistency, tone-of-voice, copy, narrative, and structural feedback. We ensure your presentation captivates investors and effectively communicates your vision.

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Early Stage Services

Minimal Viable Brand

The MVB (Minimal Viable Brand), is a streamlined and efficient brand strategy and identity process tailored to the unique needs of pre-funding startups. With MVB, you can establish a strong brand presence in a shorter timeframe, enabling you to make a powerful impression on your target audience and potential investors.

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