Flipping into the future of workforce management

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Quinyx is the leading Workforce Management SaaS provider in the Nordic region and is fast-growing around the world. Spanning industries including retail, healthcare, hospitality, and logistics, Quinyx provides a seamless experience across devices to manage organizational schedules, reporting, communications, and more.

Brand video

Quinyx came to Most Studios to develop a new visual identity that reflects their global growth and brand position: Happy Workforce. Happy Business.  

The new logomark echoes the brand’s namesake, evoking the vernal equinox and shape of the earth. Even more, the logomark reflects the nature of workforce management—moving pieces coming together in a seamless fashion, enabling organization flow.

The new color scheme brings joyful calm. Given the fast-paced nature of workforce management, these cool tones help to create a reliable environment in which customers are in control. Building on the “Happy Workforce. Happy Business.” position, the pink brings the happy—youthful, energetic, and positive—while the petroleum green captures business—clear, professional, direct.